Section C: Web and Mutimedia

With the popularity of multimedia data on the web, efficiently accessing and managing the explosively growing multimedia content from large-scale web archives and multimedia database has become essential. During the last decades, extensive research efforts have been dedicated to automatic multimedia analysis and processing, such as acquisition, generation, storage, and retrieval of large-scale multimedia information. However, despite these techniques already provide promising results, there are still several key difficulties such as semantic gap and user gap in multimedia analysis/processing and annotation/tagging, respectively.

This section is calling for papers that investigate the emerging research challenges in the field of multimedia and web which could be helped by reducing the semantic and user gap between low-level content descriptions of multimedia and the semantics in high-level human interpretations of audiovisual media. Semantic web and multimedia community researchers are encouraged to submit their research papers which are related to the following topics (but are not limited to).

  • Topics
    • - Artificial intelligence in multimedia
      - Collective intelligence in multimedia
      - HCI in multimedia
      - Machine learning in multimedia
      - Multimedia applications
      - Multimedia content analysis
      - Multimedia mining
      - Multimedia networking
      - Multimedia ontology
      - Multimedia Processing
      - Multimedia retrieval
      - Multimedia security
      - Pattern recognition in multimedia
      - Semantic multimedia
      - Semantic web
      - Service-oriented computing
      - Social networks
      - Web services