Section D: IT Management and Services

Recently Information Technology (IT) has influenced our environments including lives, culture, science, medical science, and industry and caused many changes in every way. IT helps human keep huge amount of information conveniently, manage business process efficiently, communicate easily regardless of physical limitation and provides various conveniences in many aspects. As time goes, IT will play a core component in the fast-paced world where we live. Despite convenience of IT, it needs to be managed well with careful care. There exist needs for relieving reverse functions of IT such as information leakage, abuse/misuse of information, emergence of viruses, and so on. The development of IT with quality management will cause huge advancement in every aspect.

This track is going to provide an opportunity for academic and industry professionals to discuss the latest issues and progress in the area of IT managements and services including their models, services, and novel applications associated with their utilization.

  • Topics
    • - Flexible manufacturing systems
      - Business process re-engineering for manufacturing
      - Information technology and design of work
      - Information technology and changing business processes
      - Service design and planning
      - Service oriented process integration and management
      - Service quality and operation management
      - Service oriented enterprise information systems
      - Service mining in marketing, customer relationship management, business intelligence
      - Knowledge management
      - IT investment
      - Database applications and data mining
      - Parallel and distributed systems and applications
      - Data and information modeling
      - Data and information networks
      - Data structures and data management algorithms
      - Data warehousing
      - Distributed, parallel, P2P, and grid-based databases
      - Pervasive data and information