Call For Papers

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The editors of the Journal of Convergence, An International Journal invite your contributions. Notes for contributors can be found at our web site:

The Journal of Convergence covers the breadth of research in convergence technology and its applications. The journal seeks to provide an opportunity for researchers from computer science, engineering and mathematical backgrounds to disseminate and exchange knowledge in the rapidly emerging field of Convergence Technologies, Theories, Application, and Services. It will comprehensively cover to a) Computing and Communications; b) Security and Trust; c) Web and Multimedia; d) IT Managements and Services; e) Consumer Electronics.

The main focus of the journal is to publish original contributions, including full papers and letter papers. In order to provide timely dissemination of ideas whose evaluation may require significant time and impose publication delays, one of the unique features of this journal is to allow authors the publication of promising concepts and algorithms with either partial or without prior experimental evaluation. Topics of interests include, but are not limited to:

a) Computing and Communications

  • Mobile computing and wireless communications, Pervasive/ubiquitous computing
  • Grid, cluster and cloud computing, Biological/molecular computing
  • Convergence computing, Smart and intelligent computing
  • Human computing, Green networking, Communication and information theory
  • Communication software and services, Mobile ad hoc, sensor and mesh Networks
  • High-performance computing and simulation and modeling
  • Emerging computing and communication technology and standards

  • b) Security and Trust

  • Cryptography and cryptanalysis, Applied cryptography, Internet and network security
  • System and software security, Cloud computing security, Smartphone security
  • Mobile and wireless communication security, Security protocol, IPTV security services
  • Privacy-enhancing technology, Cybercrime and computer forensics, Information warfare
  • DRM and copyright protection, Watermarking and Steganography, Side-channel attacks
  • Security for open convergence system, Security for M2M platform
  • Security issues for broadband convergence network, Security evaluation and management
  • Security requirements engineering, Trust models and trust management policies
  • Trustworthy infrastructures and services, Design and application of trusted computing

  • c) Web and Multimedia

  • Artificial intelligence in multimedia, Collective intelligence in multimedia
  • HCI in multimedia, Machine learning in multimedia, Multimedia applications
  • Multimedia content analysis, Multimedia mining, Multimedia networking
  • Multimedia ontology, Multimedia Processing, Multimedia retrieval
  • Multimedia security, Pattern recognition in multimedia, Semantic multimedia
  • Semantic web, Service-oriented computing
  • Social networks, Web services

  • d) IT Managements and Services

  • Flexible manufacturing systems, Business process re-engineering for manufacturing
  • Information technology and design of work
  • Information technology and changing business processes
  • Service design and planning, Service printed process integration and management
  • Service quality and operation management, Pervasive data and information
  • Service oriented enterprise information systems
  • Service mining in marketing, customer relationship management, business intelligence
  • Knowledge management, IT investment, Database applications and data mining
  • Parallel and distributed systems and applications, Data and information modeling
  • Data and information networks, Data structures and data management algorithms
  • Data warehousing, Distributed, parallel, P2P, and grid-based databases

  • e) Consumer Electronics

  • Advances and Challenges in HD Device Interconnects, Home Entertainment Devices
  • 3D Video, Recording, Storage, Compression, Transcoding
  • Cooperative Driving and Associated Automotive Technologies
  • Home Healthcare, Green-Home Consumer Electronics Technologies
  • Gesture and Expression Recognition, Quality of Experience
  • Intellectual Property & Licensing for Consumer Electronics, Security & Digital Content
  • Smart Grid, Mobile Computing, Mobile Communication
  • Power Line Communication, Consumer Networks
  • Personal Area Network, Body Area Network

  • Overall process for publishing a paper will be taken approximately 5 months after initial submission. Reviewing process will take about 3 months, and then publishing process will not exceed 2 months.