Information for Authors

Authors are encouraged to submit manuscripts of full papers (papers which provide a complete disclosure of a technical premise) or letter papers (brief items that describe a use for or magnify the meaning of a single technical point). Submissions must be previously unpublished and may not be under consideration elsewhere.

Every manuscript must (a) provide a clearly defined statement of the problem being addressed, (b) state why it is important to solve the problem, and (c) give an indication as to how the current solution fits into the history of the problem.

By submission of your manuscript to this Journal, you are acknowledging that you accept the rules established for publication of manuscripts, including agreement to pay all over-length page charges, and any other charges and fees associated with publication of the manuscript. Such charges are not negotiable and cannot be suspended.

Upload this version of the manuscript as a PDF file to the manuscript submission site.

Cited References not yet published need to be included as supporting documentation for the Associate Editor and reviewers. This applies to each reference listed that has not yet been published or is otherwise hard to access for reviewers. Please follow these instructions in order to submit your paper:

  1. Double-column version of manuscript. You are required to also submit a roughly formatted version of the manuscript in single-spaced, double column (2-column) format (10 points for a regular submission or 9 points for a Correspondence) using the style files (it is allowed to let long equations stick out). This version will serve as a confirmation of the approximate publication length of the manuscript at submission, and gives an additional confirmation of your understanding that over-length page charges will be paid when billed.

  2. Submit your abstract. At first, please use the abstract submission interface at manuscript submission site to provide the main information on your paper. You will be given a new Paper ID and password which must later be used to access this system during the following steps, so be careful to remember it.

  3. Submit your paper. Once an abstract has been submitted, you can access the paper submission interface to upload your paper. After uploading your paper, you can update your paper file by the submission deadline. You will be requested to input your Paper ID and password to login to the system.

  4. Copyright form. By policy, owns the copyright to the technical contributions it publishes on behalf of the interests of the , its authors, and their employers; and to facilitate the appropriate reuse of this material by others. To comply with United States copyright law, authors are required to sign and submit a completed " Copyright Transfer Export Control Compliance Form'' with their original submission (and again with the finalized manuscript prior to publication).
The form is available online here. Print the form, complete it and send it to Please note that your manuscript will not be processed for review if a properly executed copyright form is not received by the publications office. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in the immediate rejection of the manuscript.

Manuscript Length. The Journal of Conference has determined that the standard manuscript length shall be no more than 8 pages (double-column format, 10 point type) for a full paper submission, or 2 pages for a letter submission respectively. Manuscripts that exceed these limits will incur mandatory overlength page charges, as discussed below. Since changes recommended as a result of peer review may require additions to the manuscript, it is strongly recommended that you practice economy in preparing original submissions.

Plagiarism. The Journal of Conference publishes only original material that has not been either published or submitted for publication elsewhere. Manuscripts that are found to have plagiarized others, or that contains a 25% crossover with another manuscript by the same authors or other author(s), or that do not specifically cite prior work are subject to penalty under the policies governing publications.

Submission Format. Authors are encouraged to prepare manuscripts employing the on-line style files available here:(MS-Word_template). All manuscripts accepted for publication will require the authors to make final submission employing these style files.

  • Title page and abstract: The first page of the manuscript shall contain the title, names and contact information for all authors (full mailing address, institutional affiliations, phone, fax, and e-mail), and the abstract. An asterisk * should be placed next to the name of the Corresponding Author who will serve as the main point of contact for the manuscript during the review and publication processes.
An abstract should have not more than 200 words for a regular paper, or 50 words for a Correspondence item. The abstract should indicate the scope of the paper or Correspondence, and summarize the author's conclusions. This will make the abstract, by itself, a useful tool for information retrieval.